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Carl M. McCann - SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor & Consultant

Naples, Florida, USA
Mobile: 239-537-3676

Services We Provide
Marine Surveys:

Marine Surveys by Associated Marine Consultants, LLC, Naples, Florida USA - Carl M. McCann - SAMS® AMS® Condition and Value for Pre-purchase Marine Survey:
A good Marine Survey will consist of sounding the hull, decks, bulkheads, and a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the boat. We use modern surveying tools (moisture meter, video inspection camera, mirror, magnifying glass, etc.) to arrive at a true representation of the subject vessel. We'll check the vessel construction, rig, plumbing, electrical, tankage, and machinery spaces, as well as installed equipment. Any deficiencies we find are included in the final report. Where applicable, we reference the American Boat and Yacht Council standards, National Fire Protection Agency standards, as well as U.S.C.G. requirements and the Code of Federal Regulations. Please call anytime to discuss your particular needs.

Insurance or Finance Marine Survey:
This type of survey is usually requested by an insurance company to allow them to determine if the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk.  They also want to know the vessel's current fair market value as well as replacement cost. Lending institutions may also request this type of survey. This survey, although performed to the same standards, concentrates on the risk to the insurance company and is not a pre-purchase survey.  You should never accept a seller's insurance survey as your pre-purchase survey.

Marine Surveys by Associated Marine Consultants, LLC, Naples, Florida USA - Carl M. McCann - SAMS® AMS® Vessel Appraisal:
This is normally performed to gather enough information to determine a fair market value usually used to settle an estate, vessel donation, divorce or legal case.  Not a true and complete survey.

Damage Claim Survey:
This is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost, and if requested, possible cause.

Corrosion Analysis Survey:
A very important type of inspection when galvanic or stray current corrosion is suspected in the destruction of metals on your vessel.

Yacht Delivery, Navigation Instruction, Vessel Piloting Instruction:

Carl has delivered boats in waters from Maine to the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Bahamas, and has provided hundreds of vessel orientations to new and experienced boat buyers. These type of services are provided as scheduling allows.

Tampa to Key West on the West Coast of Florida, and Stuart to Miami on the East Coast of Florida. Travel fees are not charged for inspections within a 50 mile radius of Naples, FL. Out of State or out of country inspections are by request, and all travel related fees are extra. Call for pricing.

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