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Carl M. McCann - SAMS® AMS®
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Naples, Florida, USA
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I have had many inquiries lately for Pre-Purchase surveys from buyers who are increasingly more educated. This has been very encouraging!. Many of them are asking the right questions. Exactly what do you do, or inspect during your inspection? How long does it take you to do your inspection? What kind of tools do you use?

Sometimes the first question is how much do you charge? When I get that question first, I have to take a moment and ask for details, and explain the process, before I can give them a quote. If a buyer wants the least expensive Marine Survey...I am not the one. I lose many surveys to a local surveyor due to his price, and that is OK with me. If a buyer wants a very thorough inspection, with a very detailed report, I am willing to perform the task. Please keep asking questions folks!

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