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Client Recommendations

“When purchasing any large boat or yacht, I will ONLY use Captain Carl M. McCann for the buyer’s survey. His recent survey of a used MJM 35z saved me the heartache of a very poorly maintained vessel, as he identified many serious issues that were not otherwise evident. Some of these issues were not disclosed by the seller and identified by Capt. Carl. I cancelled the contract during the inspection period and lost no part of my deposit.

I was so impressed (and so grateful!), that I hired Carl to travel by airplane to survey another used MJM35z, this one in far north Florida. This second boat passed Carl’s very thorough and complete inspection and survey, and he also arranged for a full review of the large outboard engines, courtesy of his excellent boat mechanical network. I was very impressed with the inspection by the authorized Mercury mechanic Carl recommended and we hired. We closed on the purchase of this MJM in January, 2024.

Carl is fiercely independent. He does not cater to boating sales organizations, and his only client is the boat buyer. His clients come by referral, as he has many satisfied customers from surveys he has conducted on yachts large and small, and all over the World.

In my opinion and based on my own experience from a series of MJM yacht purchases, there is no one any more independent and buyer/owner focused as Captain Carl McCann.

Capt. Carl also earned my respect in terms of responsiveness, timing and pricing. His fees were reasonable, in line with typical boat survey costs. He was able to travel by air to the boat on short notice, and he only charged me for his reasonable travel and lodging expenses, in addition to his normal fee.

I am pleased to serve as a reference for Captain Carl McCann, as you consider yacht surveyors for your next acquisition. These toys are not cheap, and Carl’s survey will determine whether your next boat will be a source of pleasure or an expensive and unwanted distraction!”

Very best,

Todd Maclin

“Hi Carl,

Capt. Carl was able to complete a survey on our 4 year old center console in Fort Myers Beach on short notice. Carl’s attention to detail and wide breadth of experience produced a very detailed, accurate survey in a manner that was easy for all of us to understand. 6 months of fairly heavy usage and an inspection by our dealership has revealed nothing was missed. I would highly recommend Associated Marine Consultants.”

JM – Apollo Beach, FL

“Thanks Again. We will definitely be in touch when we decide to upgrade.”

“When I contacted Carl for a marine survey in Fort Myers, he was quick to respond and get on the phone with me to explain his services. On the day of the survey, he was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and happy to answer any questions I threw at him. I had an emailed report from Carl the night after the survey with his detailed findings and recommendations. Carl was timely, professional, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with.”

Dan – Boston, MA

“Thank you for your time today I really appreciate it. I will definitely recommend you to who ever needs services in the future. Thank you again and I received your inspiration email.”

Jesus C.

I have owned 14 yachts. My most recent experience custom building the “Emily Marie” Grand Banks (GB-60) was near perfection. Your marine survey knowledge in propulsion, generator power, fuel filters, fittings, hoses, shafts, stabilizers, and electronic systems is second to none. You made building a new yacht a rewarding experience. Every yacht owner building a new yacht under your guidance and supervision will end up with a great investment in the fit and finish and many enjoyable days at sea. Thank you for traveling to Malaysia to manage the build of our yacht as Owner representative, it was a job well done! You are irreplaceable.”

Best Regards,
OJ Buigas
Proud Owner of the Emily Marie on your home page!